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Affordable Financing Options

At Northwest Crawl Space Services, we understand the importance of affordability when it comes to enhancing your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. That’s why we’re excited to introduce OUR 18-MONTH NO INTEREST financing plan in partnership with Synchrony Financial for eligible customers.

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Why Choose Our Financing Plan?

We care about our customers, and our mission is to prioritize your needs. With our financing option, we aim to make payments for your project easier and less stressful. By opting for our plan, you can skip the high-interest credit cards and expensive loans, and enjoy easy interest-free payments without any down payment required.

Instant Money Saving Benefits

Our residential services are designed to enhance your home’s overall energy efficiency, leading to significant savings on your heating and cooling expenses. When you choose Northwest Crawl Space Services, you’ll begin to see savings almost immediately after we complete our service. What’s more, if you opt for our no-interest payment plan, you can enjoy these savings even before completing the full payment for the service.

The Simple Process

Fill out a Quick Credit Application

Complete a simple 5-minute credit application. You can find the application link below or request our team to send it to you.

Upon credit approval, we’ll create a “sales slip” containing all the information about your financing plan and the transaction. This will be sent to you via email for your approval.

Within 7-14 days of credit approval, you’ll receive an envelope from Synchrony Bank containing your Synchrony card and all necessary account information.

Once your project is completed, we’ll submit the sales slip to Synchrony Bank. Only then will the charge be posted to your account.

Synchrony Bank will send you your first bill via mail. We highly recommend contacting them at this point to set up auto-pay for your convenience.

At Northwest Crawl Space Services, we believe in providing not only top-notch services but also convenient and affordable financing options for our valued customers. Don’t let financial constraints hold you back from improving your home’s comfort and efficiency. Take advantage of our no-interest financing plan today and experience the difference!

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Optional Financing Plans

In addition to our no-interest financing plan, we offer a variety of optional financing options to suit your specific needs and budget requirements. Whether you prefer a longer-term plan with a low APR or a shorter-term plan with no interest, we have you covered. Explore our optional plans below:

Plan 971: 7.99% APR for 61 Months

Enjoy the convenience of spreading your payments over 61 months with a competitive APR of 7.99%. This plan offers flexibility and manageable monthly payments, making it an excellent choice for those looking for an extended repayment period.

Plan 980: 5.99% APR for 37 Months

Opt for our 37-month financing plan with a low APR of 5.99%. With this option, you can pay off your project in a shorter timeframe while benefiting from a favorable interest rate. Experience peace of mind knowing that you're saving on interest while enjoying the comfort and efficiency improvements to your home.

Plan 943: 9.99% APR for 132 Months

For those seeking a longer-term financing solution, our 132-month plan with a fixed APR of 9.99% provides the flexibility to spread out payments over an extended period. Despite the longer duration, you'll still enjoy competitive interest rates and the convenience of manageable monthly installments.

Plan 924: No Interest for 18 Months (Same as Previous Offer)

Our flagship no-interest financing plan allows eligible customers to make interest-free payments over an 18-month period. With no down payment required and no interest accruing during this time, you can enjoy the benefits of our services without any additional financial burden.

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How to Choose Your Financing Option

Take some time to review each financing plan and determine which option best aligns with your financial goals and preferences.

If you have any questions or need assistance in selecting the right plan for you, our knowledgeable team is here to help. Feel free to reach out to us for personalized guidance and support.

At Northwest Crawl Space Services, we’re committed to providing flexible financing solutions to make your home improvement projects more accessible and affordable. Choose the plan that suits you best and take the first step towards enhancing your home’s comfort and efficiency today!

Payment Estimator: Compare Financing Plans

To help you determine the monthly payments for a $7200 transaction under different financing plans, we’ve prepared the following estimator. Please note that the amounts provided are estimates and may vary based on individual credit approval and terms.

Transaction Amount: $5000
  1. Plan 943: 9.99% APR for 132 Months
    • Monthly Payment: $68.68
  2. Plan 971: 7.99% APR for 61 Months
    • Monthly Payment: $103.61
  3. Plan 980: 5.99% APR for 37 Months
    • Monthly Payment: $146.89
  4. Plan 924: No Interest for 18 Months
    • Monthly Payment: $277.78 (Total amount divided by 18)
  1. Plan 943: 9.99% APR for 132 Months
    • Monthly Payment: $97.27
  2. Plan 971: 7.99% APR for 61 Months
    • Monthly Payment: $148.67
  3. Plan 980: 5.99% APR for 37 Months
    • Monthly Payment: $207.55
  4. Plan 924: No Interest for 18 Months
    • Monthly Payment: $400.00 (Total amount divided by 18)
  1. Plan 943: 9.99% APR for 132 Months
    • Monthly Payment: $165.37
  2. Plan 971: 7.99% APR for 61 Months
    • Monthly Payment: $248.65
  3. Plan 980: 5.99% APR for 37 Months
    • Monthly Payment: $355.34
  4. Plan 924: No Interest for 18 Months
    • Monthly Payment: $666.67 (Total amount divided by 18)
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Our Reviews

Frank Hofford
Read More
We recently hired Northwest Crawl Space Services to perform a complete remediation of our crawl space which had a rodent infestation. Lior initially came out and did a thorough assessment and explanation of what work needed to be done. He was very detailed in explaining all work that they would do and the subsequent follow up visits and warranty that was included in the price. The following week Robert and his crew came out to perform the work. They were punctual, courteous and extremely professional in every way. They took caution and care to make sure that the inside of our house was properly masked off and protected as they removed the entirety of the contaminated crawl space insulation etc. Robert provided me with detailed pictures of the finished work and as well as pictures of a couple water pipes that had very small leaks, which I greatly appreciated. As promised, Lior came back out two weeks later to inspect all work and make sure that there were no problems. I highly recommend Northwest Crawl Space Services!
Chris Holt
Read More
I can not say enough good things about Northwest Crawl Space Services. Matan and his team were incredible to work with regarding our rodent infestation in our crawl space. From the bidding process, to the labor, to the follow up and communication, every aspect was professional and done correctly. I highly recommend this company for your crawl space needs.
Michael Hoiland
Read More
Lior and his team were fantastic. They were cheaper than the big name companies and didn't try to upsell me to repairs that didn't need to be done. They took care of the problem quickly and were great with communication and photos of the project as it was being completed. They owner even did a follow up the next day to make sure the job was done correctly. I had a list of questions when the job was done and he already had them all addressed with pictures and videos of everything. They are locally owned and operated which is very important to me. Would highly recommend
Michael Hoiland
Read More
NW Crawlspace is an exceptional company. Matan and his team are experts at repairing Crawlspaces and protecting you from rodent and water Intrusion.. Rob and Leonardo and the team take the quality of their work personally. They are going to do it right and come back to check it for you. We needed a total clean out and sump pump system installed.They worked super hard to have it done by Thanksgiving. We feel like we got a bargain after seeing all that was done. I recommend them if you want your crawlspace worked on or inspected. You will be glad you called them.
Michael Silva
Read More
We had a sump pump fail and ended up with a crawlspace that had at least two feet of standing water. Matan of Northwest Crawlspace Services came out to inspect. After examination, he carefully explained our problem and his proposed solution using easy-to-understand, non-technical language, and then gave us a firm price quote. His professionalism made us feel very much at ease and gave us assurance that we were in good hands. The very next day, a worker was sent to pump the water out of the crawlspace so that work could begin. After the water was gone, a crew of three workers was dispatched to begin the work. Before doing anything, they took great care to install plastic sheeting to protect all of the walls and floors leading up to the crawl space access door. The crew worked diligently throughout the day and completed most of the work. Afterwards, they thoroughly cleaned up, leaving little sign that they had even been there. The following day, they came back to finish the work and replace some duct work that had been damaged by the flooding. A little later, a separate person (presumably a supervisor) came by to inspect the job. We are thoroughly satisfied by the work of Northwest Crawlspace Services and would highly recommend them to other homeowners.

Frequently asked questions

Can I prepay my financing plan without penalties?

Yes, you can prepay your financing plan at any time without incurring penalties. Whether you receive a windfall or want to pay off your balance early, there are no prepayment penalties associated with our financing options. Feel free to contact Synchrony Bank directly for assistance with early payments.

While specific eligibility criteria may vary depending on the financing plan and the lender’s requirements, typical considerations include creditworthiness, income verification, and residency status. Our team can guide you through the application process and help determine your eligibility for the available financing options.

Yes, you can still apply for financing through Synchrony Bank even if you already have or had an account with them. Having an existing account with Synchrony Bank does not necessarily disqualify you from applying for additional financing. However, your approval for a new financing plan will depend on various factors, including your credit history, current financial status, and the specific requirements of the chosen financing option. Feel free to discuss your eligibility and options with our team, who can provide guidance on the application process.

The response time after submitting your credit application is typically immediate. In many cases, you’ll receive an instant decision or approval within a matter of seconds. Our streamlined application process ensures that you can quickly receive feedback on your financing application, allowing you to proceed with your home improvement project without delay. If you have any concerns or require assistance during the application process, our team is here to provide support and guidance.

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