Although if you have an old PC running on legacy BIOS and HDD, it will be slow enough even on Windows 10 to register the keystrokes and launch safe mode. If your PC qualifies, all you have to do is press the F8 key repeatedly when your PC starts booting to boot into safe mode. If that doesn’t work, try holding the Shift key and repeatedly pressing the F8 key.

There is another way you can boot your Windows 10 in Safe Mode using Shift + F8 while the Windows loads. It will take you to recovery mode where you can select Safe Mode. You can create a Recovery Device in Windows 10 from the Recovery Drive app. Before beginning with this method, you will need to create a USB Recovery Device. Under Recovery settings, Click “Restart Now” inAdvanced Startup section.

Method 2:

If it is not selected, or if you would like to use a different mode, use the Arrow keys on your keyboard to select the correct mode and press Enter. If you get into safe mode with Method Two, please follow the same steps once in Safe Mode and uncheck the Safe boot option. Otherwise, your computer will continue to automatically boot into Safe Mode each time you restart the computer. Windows safe mode is a diagnostic mode of a computer operating system .

  • Make sure the choose the right driver for your version of Windows (32-bit or 64-bit).
  • Windows 10 Game Bar can only support screen recording of one application at a time.
  • It’s worth noting that the Print Screen keys sometimes are diverse on different keyboards, such as “PrtSc,” “PrtScn,” etc.
  • When Bluetooth is turned off, this toggle will say ‘Off’ so it’s easy to spot.

Click on the Save icon and save the image to the desired location. If you don’t want to bother with the Shift + Windows logo key + S combination, you can also make the PrtSc key bring up the Snipping Tool when you press it. You can use them to show your grandparent how to use a new app. You can use them to send a shot of a strange error message to your company’s IT department. And you can use them to capture tweets before they disappear into the black hole of deletion.

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To make download dll files it reappear, bring your mouse to the top of your screen. To record your screen with PowerPoint, open PowerPoint, click the “Insert” tab, and then select “Screen Recording” from the Media group. When you’re finished, click the “Stop” button, which is a solid white square.

Safe Mode is a mode of Windows 10 that allows users to troubleshoot and fix problems with their computer. When you start up your computer in Safe Mode, you can disable some of the features and services that are normally enabled. This can help you to troubleshoot and fix problems with your computer.

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