Rodent Protection Plan

When investing in a crawl space repair project for your home, longevity takes precedence. This consideration becomes even more critical if you’ve previously encountered rodent activity. Selecting a crawl space company capable of executing top-tier rodent exclusion and control is essential. Choose a company that not only delivers exceptional work but also stands firmly behind it.

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Introducing Our Rodent Protection Plan: Your Shield Against Home Intruders

Discover peace of mind with our Rodent Protection Plan. Our expert team conducts regular visits, meticulously inspecting, monitoring, and fortifying your crawl space and attic to deter rodents effectively. Say goodbye to concerns about infestations and embrace a safer, healthier living environment with our comprehensive plan.

Exclusively available to those who have entrusted their crawl space or attic projects to Northwest Crawl Space Services, our plan offers:

Overview of the Process

Rodent Damage Warranty: Protecting Your Investment

At Northwest Crawl Space Services, we understand the importance of ensuring your home remains safe and secure from rodent intrusions. That’s why we offer a comprehensive Rodent Damage Warranty, providing you with unparalleled peace of mind.

Coverage You Can Count On

Keep your home and property clean and free of clutter to reduce hiding spots and potential food sources for rodents. Regularly clean up spills, crumbs, and food debris, and store food items in airtight containers made of glass or metal to deter rodents.

Under this warranty, we pledge to take all necessary actions to restore your crawl space or attic to its pre-damage condition. Whether it requires cleaning, exclusion, repair, replacement, or any other measures, we’ll ensure that your space is returned to its optimal state.

Our Rodent Damage Warranty is unmatched in the industry, reflecting our dedication to delivering exceptional service and standing behind the quality of our work. With Northwest Crawl Space Services, you can trust that your home is in capable hands, and your investment is protected for the long term.

Advantages of Our Plan Compared to Traditional Pest Control Companies' Offerings

Our Reviews

Frank Hofford
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We recently hired Northwest Crawl Space Services to perform a complete remediation of our crawl space which had a rodent infestation. Lior initially came out and did a thorough assessment and explanation of what work needed to be done. He was very detailed in explaining all work that they would do and the subsequent follow up visits and warranty that was included in the price. The following week Robert and his crew came out to perform the work. They were punctual, courteous and extremely professional in every way. They took caution and care to make sure that the inside of our house was properly masked off and protected as they removed the entirety of the contaminated crawl space insulation etc. Robert provided me with detailed pictures of the finished work and as well as pictures of a couple water pipes that had very small leaks, which I greatly appreciated. As promised, Lior came back out two weeks later to inspect all work and make sure that there were no problems. I highly recommend Northwest Crawl Space Services!
Chris Holt
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I can not say enough good things about Northwest Crawl Space Services. Matan and his team were incredible to work with regarding our rodent infestation in our crawl space. From the bidding process, to the labor, to the follow up and communication, every aspect was professional and done correctly. I highly recommend this company for your crawl space needs.
Michael Hoiland
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Lior and his team were fantastic. They were cheaper than the big name companies and didn't try to upsell me to repairs that didn't need to be done. They took care of the problem quickly and were great with communication and photos of the project as it was being completed. They owner even did a follow up the next day to make sure the job was done correctly. I had a list of questions when the job was done and he already had them all addressed with pictures and videos of everything. They are locally owned and operated which is very important to me. Would highly recommend
Michael Hoiland
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NW Crawlspace is an exceptional company. Matan and his team are experts at repairing Crawlspaces and protecting you from rodent and water Intrusion.. Rob and Leonardo and the team take the quality of their work personally. They are going to do it right and come back to check it for you. We needed a total clean out and sump pump system installed.They worked super hard to have it done by Thanksgiving. We feel like we got a bargain after seeing all that was done. I recommend them if you want your crawlspace worked on or inspected. You will be glad you called them.
Michael Silva
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We had a sump pump fail and ended up with a crawlspace that had at least two feet of standing water. Matan of Northwest Crawlspace Services came out to inspect. After examination, he carefully explained our problem and his proposed solution using easy-to-understand, non-technical language, and then gave us a firm price quote. His professionalism made us feel very much at ease and gave us assurance that we were in good hands. The very next day, a worker was sent to pump the water out of the crawlspace so that work could begin. After the water was gone, a crew of three workers was dispatched to begin the work. Before doing anything, they took great care to install plastic sheeting to protect all of the walls and floors leading up to the crawl space access door. The crew worked diligently throughout the day and completed most of the work. Afterwards, they thoroughly cleaned up, leaving little sign that they had even been there. The following day, they came back to finish the work and replace some duct work that had been damaged by the flooding. A little later, a separate person (presumably a supervisor) came by to inspect the job. We are thoroughly satisfied by the work of Northwest Crawlspace Services and would highly recommend them to other homeowners.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if rodents are still entering my crawl space/attic?

We will address it by thoroughly investigating the entry points, implementing exclusion measures to prevent further access, and closely monitoring for any signs of continued rodent activity.

We conduct scheduled visits every three months to inspect your crawl space or attic, monitor traps, and address any emerging concerns.

Absolutely! If you have any concerns about rodent activity, simply contact us, and we’ll promptly send a technician to perform a thorough check.

No, a rodent protection plan alone is not sufficient to prevent rodent infestation. While it is an essential component, it must be combined with other preventative measures such as exclusion techniques to seal entry points and the removal of contaminated materials and nests from the infested space. These additional steps are crucial for effectively deterring rodents and maintaining a rodent-free environment in the long term.

No, we do not incorporate any poisonous materials into our rodent protection plan. Ensuring the safety of your family and pets is our top priority. We take pride in achieving exceptional results through our methods, which do not rely on the use of poisons.

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