Clean Crawl Services We Offer

Home Insulation

We ensure your Home has clean and effective insulation, free from Rodent waste and mold. We use quality materials to keep your home comfortable.

Crawlspace and Attic Cleanout

We offer a full range of Crawlspace and Attic cleanouts and sanitizing, keeping your Home free of germs, odors, and Rodent wastes.

Vapor Barrier Service

Protect your Home from soil bacteria and moisture with a clean new Vapor Barrier that is sealed at the seams and staked in place to provide long-lasting Protection.

Rodent Control

We fight Rodents by sealing Rodent entry points and filling Rodent burrows, using Rat-Slab concrete work for permanent Rodent Control. Our professional Trapping removes the Rodents from your Home

Water and Drainage

We have a Sump-Pump and Drainage program to handle the rainy Washington weather. We install French Drains for soggy Backyards, to keep water out of your Home’s Crawl space

Mold Remediation

We keep your Home healthy by sanitizing and scrubbing away Mold, removing Moldy material, and treating and sealing the area to prevent future Mold

Disaster Restoration

If it was a flood, or a fire, or other disaster, we can bring your home back to day-one condition with floor, wall, and ceiling repair and paint Restoration

Air Duct Services

We service all heating and cooling systems and duct-work, including new-install, sealing,and insulation to keep your Home energy-efficient

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