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Crawl Space and Attic Services

Our 5-Star Standards For Service

  1. Honesty and Transparency – We’re committed to being honest and transparent in every interaction with our customers, from the initial inspection all the way to project completion and beyond.
  2. Work Ethics – Each one of us is trained and committed to provide exceptional customer service, with the highest forms of professionalism and courtesy.
  3. Quality – Every job done by our company is monitored and inspected by our management to ensure that the results meet our standards.
  4. Sustainability – For every service that we provide, we offer a maintenance plan to maintain quality.
  5. Customer Satisfaction – We put our customer’s best interests first in everything we do. We won’t be satisfied with our work until you are.

Our experienced technicians are ready to clean your crawl space or attic, with local offices in Kent, Bellevue, Bremerton, Bonney Lake and Olympia.

Our Residential Services

Crawl Space & Attic Services

Hand Sealing House Air Duct Joint

Air Duct Repair, Sealing & Replacement

Heating and cooling air ducts in our homes can experience a variety of issues that can lead to loss of function, wasted energy and sometimes even health hazards.


Crawl Space & Attic Cleaning

If your home’s crawl space and attic have been overlooked for a few years, they can become a dirty mess. You could have sewage, debris, mold, rodents and more.

residential roof ventilation

Crawl Space & Attic Ventilation

Our company provides a range of ventilation solutions for your attic and crawl space to increase energy efficiency, prevent mold, and save you money.

Crawl space fully encapsulated with thermo regulatory blankets

Vapor Barrier & Encapsulation Services

A vapor barrier is essential for every crawl space that doesn’t have a concrete slab poured in it. Vapor barriers prevent moisture from coming up from the ground.


Home Insulation Repair & Install Services

Here in Washington State, your home insulation is an important part of keeping you comfortable and cozy - and is a major factor in your energy bill.


Mold Remediation & Removal

The growth of mold in your home’s crawl space and attic can be very hazardous for your family’s health and can damage the structure of your home over time.

Crawl Space Under Residential Home

Residential Structural Repair

Here in the Pacific Northwest, water in your crawl space is a very common issue that can result in serious foundation damage.

Water & Drainage Services


Crawl Space Drainage Repair

Water in your home’s crawl space can be destructive and can cause mold growth and compromise the entire house foundation, causing expensive repairs.

Laying and installation of a drainage pipe

Exterior Drainage Repair Services

Exterior drainage failure or deficiency can cause water to seep under or through the house’s foundation and can result in standing water in the crawl space.

Water mitigation, disaster recovery

Water Damage Restoration Services

Water leak, broken pipes, broken dishwasher, sewer backup, storm damage and even high tide, can create serious water damage in your crawl space.

Rodent Prevention Services


Residential Rodent Protection Plan

In order to guarantee sustainability and long-term results for all our crawl space and attic projects, we offer a unique rodent protection plan.

residential rodent slab

Residential Rodent Slab Installation

Combined with general rodent exclusion, rodent slab provides a permanent solution for the most stubborn rodent problems in your crawl space.


Rodent Control & Exclusion Services

Our area has many species of destructive rodents which can enter your home through your attic or crawlspace, from rats to mice, raccoons, and Squirrels.

Before & After Gallery

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