Residential Rodent Control Services

Northwest Crawl Space Services specializes in residential rodent control services that lock the pests out.

The pacific northwest is home to many species of invasive and destructive animals which can enter your home through your attic or crawlspace. Rats, Mice, opossums, raccoons and Squirrels can all enter your home and cause damage to the Insulation, Ducting, and even the wires and plumbing in your home. You can get sick from the animal’s messes, and your home can start to smell. If the problem is bad enough, rodents may enter the home itself.

We offer long-lasting solutions to the animal damage in your home. We will use the right materials to fix and seal animal entrances to your home. Sometimes animals can burrow under your foundation. For burrowing animals, we have a unique solution, pouring a concrete rodent slab under the home. We monitor all animal exclusion work with robust trapping and follow-up programs to ensure the problem is fixed and the animals stay gone.