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Residential Rodent Control & Exclusion

Northwest Crawl Space Services specializes in residential rodent control and exclusion services that lock the pests out.

The Pacific Northwest is home to many species of invasive and destructive rodents which can enter your home through your attic or crawlspace. Rats, mice, opossums, raccoons, and squirrels can all cause damage to the insulation, ducting, and even the wires and plumbing in your home. If the problem is bad enough, you can get sick from rodent debris, and rodents might even enter the home itself.

Our Experience with Rodents



Over many years of working in crawl spaces and attics, rodent infestation is the most common issue we’ve seen. Rodents are always seeking safe places where they can nest, and crawl spaces are perfect. They’re far from other animals, and the fiberglass insulation is great for keeping nests warm.

When we set out to provide long-lasting services in crawl spaces and attics, we knew we had to perfect our rodent infestation solutions. We found that to do this, we have to perform very thorough rodent exclusion and vigilantly maintain a rodent control program.

residential rodent exclusion

Rodent burrow under foundation footing

Our Rodent Exclusion and Rodent Control Solution

After cleaning and sanitizing the crawl space or attic, our crew will start investigating the space for animal entry points. We will seal all these points by using the right material for each type of pest, and with a technique that ensures the entry points won’t become accessible again.

If the problem was severe or recent, after the project is successfully completed, we’ll start a specific rodent control program that fits the issue best. As part of this program, we’ll visit and follow up on the crawl space routinely. We set our specific rat traps, checking each one during our visits and making sure the crawl space is rodent free. We’ve found that this two-part solution provides the best results and gives better longevity to the material that’s installed.

We Also Check and Repair as Needed

Crawl Space Door: An essential part of every crawl space rodent exclusion is to build and install a custom-made door to the crawl space exterior vertical entrance. We use treated wood to build a frame around the hatch and a cover panel with latches and a handle to allow easy opening and to prevent any kind of animal from entering the crawl space.

Crawl Space Entrance Top Cover: In order to protect the crawl space entry area from the weather, we custom-build a top cover that is reinforced with shingles on top and built with a slope to deter rain from accumulating on it.

Our Warranty for Rodent Damage

Here at Northwest Crawl Space, the longevity of our work is just as important to us as it is to the customer. Therefore, we provide a full warranty for any rodent damage to our work, as long as the rodent control plan was active at the time of the damage.