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Water Damage Restoration

Northwest Crawl Space Services specializes in residential water damage remediation and restoration services.

Water leaks, broken pipes, broken dishwasher, sewer backup, storm damage and even high tide if you live by the water – all can create serious water damage in your crawl space. Potential issues include mold, wood rot, bad odor, poor air quality, structural damage and more. Here at Northwest Crawl Space Services, we’ll take good care of your home, from identifying and fixing the source of the problem all the way to remediating any sort of damage and restoring your home to its previous condition.

Step 1: Give us a call and one of our restoration specialists will provide a free same-day inspection to identify the problem.

Step 2: One of our emergency crews will be assigned to your project. The crew will stop the water, fix the problem, make sure everything and everyone is safe, and pump the water away safely before more damage can occur.

Step 3: Our remediation crew will dry and dehumidify the space, and extract any moisture. We’ll also provide professional mold removal, structural repair and any other services as needed.

Some Common Reasons for Water Damage

water damage restorarion

Broken water pipe caused a water damage to floor joist and subfloor

Faulty Appliances: A bad dishwasher or refrigerator can leak for a long time before you notice.

Broken Pipes: Rotted copper pipes, loose PVC lines or rodent-damaged pipes tend to burst if not replaced on time.

Sump Pump Failure: A power outage or mechanical failure can lead to your crawl space being flooded very quickly.

Sewer Backups: Septic failure, broken sewer line or leaking bathtub/toilet.

Accidents Happen: Faucets left open or bathtubs overfilled.

Exterior Drainage Failure: Clogged downspout drains, or incorrectly routed drains can end up discharging water into your crawl space and can fill up your crawl space with water very fast.

Water Damage Remediation Services We Offer

  • Flooding Pump Out: The first action we take when dealing with a flooded crawl space is to pump the water out. It might be very difficult to identify the problem while the crawl space is flooded; also, the longer the flooding lasts, the higher the chances are for mold buildup and even structural damage like wood rot.
  • Plumbing Repairs: Most water damage occurs as a result of plumbing issues. Our company works in cooperation with the best plumbers in our service area, and together we’ll take care of the repair in no time.
  • Home and Crawl Space Drying: After the “storm has passed” and we’ve gotten rid of all the standing water, it’s time for moisture extraction. We set dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers and even heaters to ensure that no moisture or dampness is left.
  • Furniture Moving and Storage: Many times, water remediation will require moving furniture. Our company can provide you with professional moving and storage solutions for the duration of the remediation project.
  • Mold Testing and Removal: As part of the restoration process, any suspicious discoloration and stain should be tested for mold and treated if necessary. Our mold specialists will collect samples and have them tested in a professional lab. Any growth of mold or mildew will be removed safely by our professional mold remediation crews.
  • Foundation Repair: Any rotted wood in your crawl space will have to be replaced or repaired. Floor joists, sub-floors, beams and posts can all get damaged and compromise the integrity of your house foundation. Our foundation specialists will assess the damage and perform any necessary repair or replacement to restore your house to its previous condition.

Here at Northwest Crawl Space Services, we promise to be honest, fair, and professional. We look forward to finding the right solution for you and providing you with the best service!