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Air Duct Repair, Sealing & Replacement

Northwest Crawl Space Services specializes in residential air duct repairs, replacement, sealing and insulation services.

Heating and cooling air ducts in our homes can experience a variety of issues. They can become disconnected, rodents can damage them, they can be leaky and unsealed, or just old and inefficient. All of these air duct problems can lead to loss of function, wasted energy and sometimes even health hazards.

Before we look at how to fix these issues, let’s look at some common types of air ducts.

Flexible Supply Air Duct: A flexible tube made of round wire coil, wrapped with fiberglass insulation and covered with polymer plastic. It comes complete as one piece.

Hard Supply Air Duct: Hard tube made mostly of aluminum. This type of metal duct needs to be manually insulated after it’s installed.

Main Trunk Air Duct: The main trunk is the main air distribution pipe, the pipe that connects directly to the furnace/air handler and distributes the air to the supply ducts that feed the registers in your house. The main trunk is usually bigger in diameter than the supply ducts. It’s typically made of metal but can also be flexible.

Dryer Vent Duct: A solid 4” rigid pipe that crosses through the crawl space or attic and exhausts the heat and moisture from the dryer to outside the house.

Air Duct Services We Provide

Worker Wrapping an Air Duct with Foil Tape
  • Air Duct Installation & Replacement: If you have damaged or inefficient old ducts, we offer full-service air duct installation. We use only the right size R8 insulated flexible ducts for your air system, installed by strict standards to ensure energy efficiency.
  • Air Duct Insulation: Hard metal ducts require insulation wrap  for energy efficiency and for the health of your air system. We offer a professional duct insulation service that includes installing R11 duct wrap insulation and securing it with the highest standards to ensure energy efficiency in your duct system.
  • Air Duct Sealing: The seals on the joints and connections of the duct can wear out over the years or can just be missing from the original installation, causing air leaks and energy loss. We provide duct sealing service, which seals all joints and connections with specific HVAC materials to make your ducts more efficient and eliminate leakage from your air system.
  • Air Duct Repair: Disconnected air ducts, damaged duct parts, bent ducts and any other issues that don’t require replacement can be fixed by our professional air duct crew. We specialize in long-term repairs so you can rest assured your air system is in good hands.

If you’ve noticed any air duct issues in your home, or you just want an honest opinion on the conditions of your  air ducts, call us to schedule a free inspection. One of our expert technicians will help you develop the right plan for you.