Air Duct Repair, Sealing & Replacement

Northwest Crawl Space Services specializes in residential air duct repairs, replacement, sealing and insulation services.

The air ducts your home uses to heat and cool you may have different issues from time to time. Air ducts can become disconnected, rodents can damage your ducts, your ducts can be leaky and unsealed, or just old and inefficient. These air duct problems can all lead to loss of function, energy loss and sometimes be a health hazard.

Our solutions can fix these problems in your home’s ducts. We can replace old, inefficient or damaged ducts with R8 Flex-Ducts to high quality standards, for long lasting life and efficiency. We can seal up your duct system with code specific sealants to restore your duct’s function. And if your ducts need insulation, we install fiberglass duct and main-trunk wrap to the highest standards of energy codes.