Mold Remediation and Removal

Northwest Crawl Space Services specializes in residential mold remediation and removal services.

The growth of mold in your home’s crawl space and attic can be very hazardous for your families health and can damage the structure of your home.

Our highly trained technicians at Northwest Crawl Space Services specialize in remediating mold in your home’s attic and crawl space, using a proven treatment technique. We’re also experts at locating the source of the problem and fixing it to avoid future mold issues in the future.

residential mold remediation and removal

What is Mold?

Generally, mold is a fungus that grows and spreads on organic material. Mold will usually grow when the material is damp and will survive if it has enough moisture and oxygen. There are different kind of mold, and they all belong to the fungi family and behaving similar.

What are the risks of having mold growth in your house?

– Structural Damage: When mold is growing and spreading in your attic or crawl space, and has the right conditions to live, the wood matters will start to rot. Basically, getting eaten away by the fungus. Rotted roof sheeting, joists, beams, or posts will cause a severe structural damage to your house and will cause an expensive repair. Rotted wood cannot be saved and has to be replaced.

– Health Risk: Mold growth in your house can reduce air quality and might cause variety of health effects. If exposed to mold spores, people who are more sensitive to it might experience stuffy nose, irritation on skin and eyes or even more severe reactions for people with respiratory issues.

What are some reason for mold growth to occur in your home’s crawl space and attic?

In building materials that are in a crawl space and attic, mold will grow when there is accumulation of water or moisture in high levels.

For example:

  • A plumbing leak in crawl space or attic
  • Your roof leaks
  • There is standing water in the crawl space
  • A lack of vapor barrier in crawl space (high level of moisture from the soil)
  • Poor air ventilation in crawl space or attic will allow moisture to build up

Our Solution

Mold inside your house can be seen and addressed while caught, but mold in crawl space and attic is something that is often gets overlooked or even neglected if the space hasn’t been checked for long time. This is where us at Northwest Crawl Space can help you!

First, we will inspect all wood matters in crawl space and attic such as roof sheeting, joists, beams, and posts. We will assess if treatment can be done, or replacement is needed (sometimes both needed). In the inspection we will also find the source for the growth of mold and provide the solution for it so the mold will not grow back over time.

After having the right plan, our mold remediation crew will provide the remediation using special fungicide solutions to kill the mold and the right mold inhibitors material to complete the treatment. If some wood matter has to be replaced because of rot, our team will be able to remove the damaged wood and replace with similar product and this way to fix the structural damaged following building codes.

In addition to the remediation, we will also address the repairs or upgrades that are necessary to eliminate the source of the mold growth. Examples of these repair or upgrades can be fixing plumbing leak, removing damp materials, reducing high moisture level by encapsulating the crawl space, adding more ventilation vent for roof and more.