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Rodent Protection Plan

Northwest Crawl Space Services specializes in residential rodent protection & prevention plans to keep pests out of your crawl space.

In order to guarantee sustainability and long-term results for all our residential crawl space and attic projects, we offer a unique rodent protection plan that includes monitoring, maintenance, and warranty for rodent damage for any product or material installed by our company.

Think before you buy!

The most important consideration when purchasing a crawl space repair project for your home is how long it will last. Especially if you’ve had rodent activity prior to the project, it is extremely important to choose a crawl space company that can perform high-quality rodent exclusion and rodent-proofing. Choose a company that stands behind its work so you don’t need to start a new project to fix rodent damage down the road.


Hole in wood structure caused by rats

About Our Rodent Protection Plan

  1. Available only to customers who had their crawl space or attic project done by Northwest Crawl Space Services.
  2. $350 per year fixed price.
  3. Includes 4 visits per year to monitor traps in your crawl space/attic.
  4. Includes any extra visits and additional rodent-related work in case of new infestation.
  5. Covers any kind of repair, replacement, or cleaning to bring the condition of the crawl space back to its state post project completion.


Why do I need a rodent protection plan if rodent exclusion was performed?

As part of a successful crawl space and attic project, rodent exclusion should eliminate all existing rodent entry points to your crawl space or attic. The purpose of a rodent protection plan is to protect your crawl space in the event that rodents create new entry points (for example, rats digging new burrows under your foundation).

What about pest control?

Pest control companies can’t do anything that we can’t do. In fact, there are several benefits to purchasing our rodent control plan over pest control.

  • Pest control companies cannot provide warranties for any materials in your crawl space. They may be able to get rid of the rodents, but if something goes wrong or any damage does occur, they won’t cover the cost of the repair.
  • Pest control companies often use poison bait. This has several disadvantages; first, it can take over a day to kill the rodent, meaning the rodent can die anywhere in your home, causing a terrible odor and potentially becoming very difficult to access and get rid of. Second, poison bait can kill other animals, like pets, accidentally.
  • Keeping all the services for your crawl space or attic in-house is more convenient and reliable. You save yourself the hassle of dealing with multiple companies for scheduling or maintenance.

How does it work?

At the end of the project, we’ll set at least 5 professional traps in your crawl space or attic.

Approximately a week after your project, we’ll come back to do a quality control and check the traps to ensure no rodents are left in the crawl space/attic.

From then on, we’ll return every 3 months to check the crawl space and monitor the traps.

*If at any point between our visits you suspect activity, you should contact us and we’ll send a technician to perform another check prior to your next quarterly visit.

What happens if I get rodents again?

If rodents regain access into your crawl space or attic, we will immediately refresh the traps, remove carcasses, clean and sanitize the crawl space, replace any damaged material, find their new entry point and block it. Next, we’ll set at least one additional trap inspection for the following week to ensure we’ve successfully performed the exclusion and rodents do not have any further access.