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This full scale crawl space remediation project was
Brand New Crawl Space Installation: $0 Down and 18 Monthly Payments
Spanaway, WA 98387

Project Details

Project Overview: This full-scale crawl space remediation project was designed to restore and protect a residential crawl space from damage and infestations. The project covered everything from thorough cleaning and sanitation to advanced rodent exclusion techniques, enhanced insulation, and ongoing rodent monitoring.

Tasks Performed:

  1. Clean and Sanitize:
    • Removed old insulation, vapor barriers, and all forms of debris including animal feces, nests, and carcasses.
    • Thoroughly sanitized the area with a disinfecting mold inhibitor that eliminates viruses, bacteria, mold, and mildew.
  2. Rodent Exclusion:
    • Sealed all potential entry points using a combination of concrete, steel wire, and construction adhesive.
    • Re-screened vents as necessary to prevent future intrusions.
  3. Prescriptive Air Seal:
    • Applied foam sealant around areas where plumbing, ducting, or electrical wiring penetrates the crawl space to prevent air leaks.
  4. Vapor Barrier Installation:
    • Installed a 6-mil black plastic vapor barrier, secured along the edges with deep ground stakes and sealed at the seams with high-grade tape.
  5. Insulation Upgrades:
    • Wrapped water supply lines with R11 fiberglass insulation.
    • Installed R30 fiberglass batted insulation in the flooring, secured with durable synthetic twine.
    • Applied R11 insulation to the main trunk wrap.
  6. Crawl Space Door Installation:
    • Constructed a sealed, treated-wood frame around the crawl space entrance with a vertically-mounted wood cover secured by a latch for easy access and enhanced security.
  7. Rodent Protection Plan:
    • Initiated a year-long rodent monitoring plan with quarterly checks for new rodent activity and additional exclusion measures as needed.
    • Provided an ongoing warranty against rodent damage to the remediated areas, contingent on maintaining an active rodent control plan.

Outcome: The project successfully revitalized the crawl space, enhancing its structural integrity, air quality, and thermal efficiency. Long-term protection measures were put in place to ensure the crawl space remains clean, dry, and rodent-free, substantially reducing the risk of future issues and damage.

Project Highlights:

  • Comprehensive approach covering cleaning, exclusion, insulation, and ongoing protection.
  • Use of high-quality materials and innovative techniques for lasting results.
  • Focus on both immediate remediation and long-term prevention of issues.

This project focused on the comprehensive retrofitting of
Highly Confined and Low Crawl Space (2,880 sqft) with PSE Rebate
Sammamish, WA 98074

Project Details

Project Overview: This project focused on the comprehensive retrofitting of a 2,880 square foot crawl space, enhancing energy efficiency and moisture management. A significant aspect of the project was securing a $7,776 rebate from Puget Sound Energy (PSE), acknowledging the energy conservation benefits of the upgrades.

Tasks Performed:

  1. Insulation Upgrade: Installed high-performance insulation materials throughout the crawl space to minimize thermal transfer and reduce heating and cooling costs.
  2. Vapor Barrier Installation: installing new vapor barrier, sealed and secured to prevent moisture ingress, thereby protecting the structure from mold and wood rot while improving air quality.
  3. Energy-Efficient Solutions: Incorporated various energy-saving measures to qualify for the PSE rebate, including sealing air leaks and upgrading to  higher R-VALUE insulation.

Financial and Environmental Benefits:

  • PSE Rebate: Achieved a substantial rebate of $7,776 from Puget Sound Energy, offsetting a portion of the project costs and demonstrating the energy-saving impact of the retrofit.
  • Reduced Utility Bills: Lowered energy consumption significantly, resulting in reduced utility bills for the homeowner.
  • Enhanced Property Value: Improved the durability and desirability of the property through sustainable upgrades.

Outcome: The retrofit not only met the rigorous criteria required for the PSE rebate but also set a high standard for energy efficiency and moisture control in residential spaces. This project exemplifies how sustainable practices can lead to direct financial savings and long-term environmental benefits.

Project Highlights:

  • Strategic use of high-quality materials and techniques to enhance energy efficiency.
  • Successful navigation of rebate qualifications to secure financial incentives.
  • Commitment to improving home comfort and reducing environmental impact.

This project entailed the installation of 2 roof
Professional Roof Vent and Air Duct Installation for Bathroom Fan
AUBURN, WA 98092

Project Details

Project Overview: This project entailed the installation of 2 roof damper vent and the connection of a high-quality, pre-jacketed R8 flexible air duct for a bathroom exhaust system. The goal was to enhance indoor air quality, control moisture, and improve the overall health of the attic in a residential setting.

Tasks Performed:

  1. Vent Installation:
    • Shingle Removal: Carefully removed existing roof shingles to prepare the site for the new vent.
    • Cutting and Framing: Utilized precision tools to cut an opening in the roof, ensuring it matched the specifications of the new vent.
    • Vent Placement: Installed a roof damper vent specifically designed for bathroom exhaust systems.
    • Sealing: Applied high-grade sealants around the vent to ensure waterproofing and durability against weather elements.
  2. Duct Installation:
    • Ductwork Selection: Chose a 4-inch R8 flexible air duct, already equipped with a robust silver insulation jacket, known for its superior thermal properties.
    • Connection and securing: Securely connected and mounted the duct from the bathroom fan to the roof vent, optimizing airflow and efficiency.


Benefits to Attic Health: Properly venting the bathroom exhaust out through the roof, rather than into the attic space, prevents moisture buildup that can lead to mold and mildew growth. By ensuring that moist air is expelled directly outside, this installation helps maintain the structural integrity of the attic and roof, reduces potential health hazards, and extends the life of roofing materials.

Outcome: The installation has significantly improved the bathroom’s ventilation and the overall health of the attic, effectively reducing humidity and preventing mold growth. The use of insulated R8 ductwork ensures minimal heat loss and sound transmission, contributing to a more comfortable and energy-efficient home environment.

Project Highlights:

  • Utilization of high-quality, pre-jacketed materials designed for longevity and performance.
  • Enhanced air quality, energy efficiency, and attic health through meticulous installation.
  • Professional execution with a focus on durability and effective ventilation solutions.


Northwest Crawl Space Services is family-owned right here in the Pacific Northwest. With years of experience, we’re licensed and bonded and always prioritize our customer’s satisfaction. Please read some of our 5-star reviews from our happy customers.

Myong Soo Kim
Myong Soo Kim
9 March 2023
Exceed their promises..excellent communication and great crew. Highly recommend.
Thomas Roberts
Thomas Roberts
9 March 2023
Rob and crew from NW Crawl Space did full remediation for our crawl space and attic, after finding evidence of rodents (mice) in both areas. Removed old crawl space insulation & vapor barrier, replaced heat-ducts that were damaged, & vacuumed out attic insulation and debris. Sealed openings in both areas to prevent rodents from returning. Traps set, with rodent control plan. Highly recommended!
Emily Davis
Emily Davis
3 March 2023
Northwest Crawl Space Services has been honest, professional, easy to work with, and has done excellent work on my home. I first approached the company looking for someone to reinsulate and clean out my mud room crawlspace-- it is an addition to the house and is open-air. Lior came by and noted that because NWCSS specializes in fiberglass insulation, they wouldn't be able to work on this part of my house, because it would require spray foam insulation to truly be rat and weather proofed. I really appreciated this up front honesty-- two previous contractors had given me bids to reinsulate with fiberglass, never mentioning the need for spray foam, and never saying that they wouldn't be able to do a proper job. I would have paid money to some other company for a shoddy, inappropriate "solution" if Lior had not filled me in. Lior even recommended some other companies to call that specialize in spray foam! After this helpful and informative experience, I knew right away when I discovered signs of rats in my main basement crawlspace that I wanted NWCSS to be the ones to work on the problem. Lior came by to check it out and did a very thorough inspection. His manner with clients is excellent-- I never felt like my questions were being dismissed. We set a date for a crew to come by to replace rat-infested insulation, remove the improperly installed vapor barrier, clean out debris, and reinstall vapor barrier to industry standards. The crew, Patrick and Chandler, were friendly, polite, and happy to answer questions. Savannah in the office has also been very friendly and quick to answer my questions regarding logistics and payment. Overall, my experience was excellent and I will re-hire NWCSS when it comes time to reinsulate and clean out my attic crawlspace.
jan ostrovsky
jan ostrovsky
6 February 2023
Matan gave us a fair estimate for the crawl space re-insulation and screening, and the work was done promptly. I was pleasantly surprised when the final bill came in about 15% UNDER the estimate. It’s nice to deal with a company which has the integrity to pass those savings on.
Dan Huang
Dan Huang
26 January 2023
Northwest Crawl Space is a trustful company to work with. They helped me install the French drain, replace the insulation and vapor barrier. Matan and his stuff did a great job. They will carefully protect your home when performing the job, clean the waste after the work is done, and come back to inspect if the work is good.
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
17 December 2022
We had Northwest crawlspace come out to inspect our crawlspace and they identify a lot of standing water as well as rodent activity in the insulation. As a result, we needed a full clean out of our crawlspace and new insulation, vapor barrier, drain and sump pump. The crew was professional, friendly and fast. The work was extremely well done, we recently had them come out to check everything and the technician confirmed it was one of the best installs he had seen. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.
Ricardo Salvatierra
Ricardo Salvatierra
16 December 2022
My experience with this company has been amazing. Lior (the owner) goes above and beyon every single aspect, super professional and always providing the best advice to avoid unnecessary expenses. They did the whole work in my crawlspace, sump pump, french drain, vapor barrier, etc... and results are great, 0 moisture. I would definitely recommend it.
Torrey Olsen
Torrey Olsen
15 December 2022
Lior and his NW Crawl Space Services team were everything we expected in professionals! They were on time, neat, though, communicative, polite, did the job as promised and then checked back with us as promised again to ensure that the job was done!
Wayne Appler
Wayne Appler
18 November 2022
I had Northwest Crawl Space Services remove all my rodent infested insulation and vapor barrier. They cleaned & disinfected my crawl and installed all new insulation and a sealed vapor barrier. The workers were very diligent and and skilled in their methods. I was given a quote up front and feel that I received a quality job that was worth every penny. I am beyond pleased with the company and would highly recommend them to everyone.


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Crawl Space And Attic Projects That You’ll Only Need To Do Once. Rodent damage warranty Most reliable protection plan in the industry Financing 18 Month no interest no down payment Personalized Assistance Direct support from the business owners Quality control Ensuring quality in every project Your one-stop solution for all attic and crawl space needs. […]

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