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Crawl Space and Attic Cleaning

Northwest Crawl Space Services specializes in residential crawl space and attic cleaning services.

If your home’s crawl space and attic have been overlooked for a few years, they can easily become a dirty mess. You could have sewage, debris, mold, dampness, rodent waste and more in your crawl space and attic – any of which can make your home smell bad or can even cause a health hazard.

crawl space cleaning

Sanitizing the Attic after insulation removal

Our crew at Northwest Crawl Space Services is skilled at removing debris, damaged materials, feces, and even dead animals to clean dirty attics and crawl spaces.


The first step of the remediation project in your crawl space is cleaning. Our team will remove the mess thoroughly, haul it away and then sanitize the space with a powerful solution to remove smells, bacteria, and fungus spores.

For attic cleaning, we specialize in the use of attic vacuums so even the tightest spaces in your home can be made clean and healthy again.

For us at Northwest Crawl Space Services, it’s very important to provide a clean process while performing any service – especially while cleaning or tearing out damaged materials from a crawl space or attic. If access to the space is through the house, our team will protect the floor and all doorways to ensure your home remains mess free throughout the process.