Crawl Space and Attic Ventilation

Northwest Crawl Space Services specializes in residential crawl space and attic ventilation services.

Roof Vents & Accessories

Our company provides different ventilation solutions for your attic and crawl space that can increase energy efficiency, prevent mold, and save you a lot of money.

residential roof ventilation

Roof Breathers: A roof without sufficient roof ventilation can lead to a moldy attic. Roof breathers are the exhaust ventilation system of the attic. Our technicians will calculate exactly how much ventilation your attic require and will install new professional vents in your roof.

Eave/Soffit Vents: Attic inlet ventilation can be located on your house soffits or eaves, when inlet ventilation is insufficient, mold can start growing in the narrow part of your attic, and slowly spread toward the roof ridge. Our company specializes in assessing how much ventilation you need, and can install additional proper ventilation as needed.

Solar Attic Fans: The best solution for a “boiling” attic is an attic fan. Attic fans create high air circulation in the attic and suck the heat out. professional attic fan can reduce the attic temperature in over 40 degrees. Attic fan can be roof mounted or gable mounted. Attic fan can reduce your cooling expenses over the summer and keep your attic from overheating and excessive moisture buildup.

Bathroom/Kitchen Fan Flapper Vents: Every fan located in your attic like bathroom fan or kitchen fan must be exhausted out of the roof safely. A bathroom fan that discharging steams and moisture into your attic is very likely to cause mold growth. As well, kitchen fan that is discharging smoke, steam and odor is dangerous and harmful to your attic. Our technicians will install proper vents in your roof with build-in dampers and connect new ducts from the fan to the roof vent.

Rafter Vents (Baffles): Before installing “blown in” insulation in attics, its crucial to protect the attic inlet ventilation (which can be either “eave vents” or “soffit vents”) with proper baffles. Baffles/rafter vents are essentially a blocking boards that goes between the rafters from the bottom of the vent and extend approximately 4 feet up towards the roof ridge to assure a clear air passage and to prevent blockage that can be caused by the insulation.

Crawl Space Vent Fan: If your crawl space doesn’t have enough passive ventilation or having high moisture levels crawl space vent fan can solve your problem. Our fans include adjustable de-humidistat and can make up for insufficient ventilation in your crawl space, prevent mold and musty odor.