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Home Insulation Services

Northwest Crawl Space Services specializes in home insulation installation and replacement services.

Here in Washington State, your home Insulation is an important part of keeping you comfortable and cozy, and is a major factor in your energy bill. Insulation will also reduce noise and protect water pipes from freezing or condensation, both of which come down to more damages and expensive repairs down the road.

Builder filling walls with fiberglass

Why you should install or replace your home's insulation?

  • Old material that isn’t up to new codes or has excess wear and tear.
  • Poorly installed insulation that reduces its efficiency.
  • Water and moisture damage to the insulation
  • Missing insulation from the original construction.
  • Animal damage to the insulation

Here at Northwest Crawl Space Services, we find that the most common reason is an animal damage to the insulation.

Rats, mice, raccoons, and possums are common animals in our state. They like to use the insulation to warm up and to nest in it, causing significant damage and filling it with bacteria. This can happen in your attic, crawl space or even inside your walls.

Home Insulation Services We Provide

  • Attic insulation
  • Crawl space floor insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Water pipe insulation
  • Air duct insulation

For each of the above services, we choose the right insulation material with the right R value to meet all local codes. We work carefully to avoid air gaps and to secure the insulation. These practices are used to maximize the efficiency of the insulation and to provide with a sustainable solution.

Air Seal for Your Home

To maximize the energy efficiency of the insulation project, it’s important to eliminate gaps that leak air before installing the new insulation. Northwest Crawl Space Services performs an air seal service as a part of every insulation project in an attic or crawl space. In this service, we look for any penetrations in the ceiling or the floor where plumbing, ducting or electrical goes through and we seal them to ensure that there are no air leakages.

If you notice high energy bills, difficulty keeping your house warm or cool, rodents in crawl spaces, or you simply believe your insulation is outdated, call Northwest Crawl Space Services. Our experts will perform a full inspection and provide you with an energy-efficient solution that’s perfect for your home!